Free @CarrotLearning ND nurses sLearning Course

Monday 24th January 2022 by @CarrotLearning

We couldn't be more excited to be working in conjunction with @CarrotLearning and @WDESnews to bring you this brilliant social learning course.

Visit Carrot Learning here to start your sLearning.

Social learning, or sLearning, enables you to share and discuss content and ideas with your Twitter followers and enables you to meet like-minded tweeters with a similar interest in neurodiversity too!

This sLearning course doesn't take too long to complete, somewhere around 30mins, and you'll get a CPD certificate at the end!

The course shared resources and content that will encourage you to learn more about neurodiversity in nursing and provide value to both those nursing with neurodiversity as well as those working alongside them.

We would recommend either working your way through the course on your own or as a group learning together, both work really well! 

We hope you enjoy this style of learning and that it helps you explore and manage your neurodiversity in nursing.


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